Spring has sprung! As a rule, Springtime is a favorite of mine. Maybe it goes back to my days growing up in Michigan. I’ve never been a fan of cold weather and winters, so Spring brought welcome relief to my misery! There was always a newness, a freshness in the air; you could just smell the difference! To many here in Florida, Spring is welcomed because it brings longer days as we go into Daylight Savings time. To others it means they finally get to return to the restaurants and the beaches as the snowbirds leave! And then of course, there’s the old standby of “Spring cleaning” where many of us do our annual chores such as painting and power washing to renew our homes.

While I enjoy all of those, it is also a time that I use to renew and refresh my life in general. It’s a time to look at the goals that I set back at the beginning of the year; see how I’m progressing with them and re-evaluate a few other things in my life.

How I spend my time is one of those things that I am currently re-evaluating.
I am involved in many charitable organizations, networking groups and other activities and I’ve come to realize that there are many weeks where I spend almost every evening either at a meeting or an event of some sort.

While I enjoy most of these, some have become simply routine and no longer as enjoyable as they once were. A common saying around these parts is “Welcome to Paradise”. Another common saying is “Life is Short”. I’ve decided it’s time to really heed both of these sayings and truly enjoy what time I have left here in Paradise! I no longer want to do things out of a sense of obligation or routine, but because I truly support the mission of the organization and because the other members I will be working with are friendly, team players and people who I look forward to spending my valuable time with.

I hope all of you will take some time this Spring to also consider how you spend your time and if you’re looking for a civic group to join, please consider BPW/EV. We’d love to have you!

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