Accepting Others

The first step in accepting others is to not judge them. Many times we judge others by the way they dress or they way they speak without even realizing it. We put them in an undesirable category many times because of these superficial characteristics. Be nonjudgmental and more accepting of them as an individual from a different culture and even when their attire is not the same as ours or they may have an accent perhaps from the Southern United States or Northern Ireland.

Try to be positive realizing their ways although different from our way is not necessarily wrong, but perhaps just a different method in arriving at the same end. Just because it is not “Our Way” does not mean it is not a valid method of arriving at the “Desirable Way” in the end.

Stop judging oneself and thereby relieving yourself and others around you from stress. Not judging yourself or others is a crucial step to acceptance. Developing a sense of self worth will help one to focus on the present and avoid thinking of the past with unpleasant and undesirable thoughts. Live in the now and do not dwell on the past nor should you be concerned entirely with the future. Live in the current and you will find acceptance within yourself. If you reverse the situation and ask yourself what if someone judges me and would not accept me. How would I feel under those circumstances? Live your life accepting others as they are beginning with acceptance of oneself having a positive attitude and focusing on the present.

Syd Gibson

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