Happy New Year to All!

I don’t know of anyone who was not looking forward to putting behind the challenges of 2020. COVID-19 redefined the way we conducted our daily lives. Those of us who have family in other states were unable to be with them because of the many travel restrictions. Video chats became the norm and thankfully, we remained connected through different channels. Many things changed in 2020, but for the most part, we came to realize the importance family and friends play in our lives. Neighbors became closer, took longer walks together and found many areas of common grounds.

The members of BPWEV grew closer, too. When we resumed our monthly meetings in June, first time guests quickly became members. They all said, “what a welcoming group!”. We learned what a difference a simple smile can make to guests walking into our meetings for the first time. We learned to talk a little less, listen a little closer and make each other feel special. When we could not hug, we let each other know how good it felt to be with one another. We encouraged, lifted and reminded each other that we would get through the tough times together. We were determined to raise money for scholarships, and we did. One of the many lessons I learned from 2020 is that our local organization is stronger and closer than ever. Our members are resilient, committed and help to make our communities better. I have no doubt our LO will continue to grow and prosper.

BPW Englewood/Venice, the best is yet to come!

Morina Chmielak

Business & Professional Women of Englewood and Venice
P.O. Box 611, Englewood, FL 34295
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