Today we are inevitably bombarded by sounds whether it is the background noise of city traffic including emergency vehicle sirens or music from the vehicles stopped in traffic next to us or neighbors listening to their televisions or even the birds chirping, the insects buzzing or the dogs barking. It is very seldom that we have silence in our busy lives.

Perhaps we could begin a life of peace and tranquility by simply listening to others. We can take time to hear what is being said when a friend or co-worker is under stress from family, friends or in the work force and asking us for advice. We all too often readily give our opinions without much consideration many times just to hear our own voice speaking. Perhaps the time would be better spent in discovering silence.

Take the time to discover silence and thoughtfulness before offering opinions. We can gain insight into other situations in which people are involved as they are unable to be objective. By listening attentively, we can offer viable solutions since we are not personally involved and are able to be objective.

Let us take time to discover silence in our own lives to not only help others, but to gain an inner peace and calmness within ourselves in the stressfulness and anxiety in our lives.

Syd Gibson

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