We live and work in a world where there are many diverse people, but with an open mind and appreciation of one’s contributions, we will strengthen our relationships and our community. We should seek out one’s unique talents and be respectful of their differences. It is necessary to have mutual respect and sincere gratitude for any relationship or organization to be successful. Here are 5 easy ways to show your respect and gratitude:

1. Listen - put away your cell phone and look at the person to show genuine interest in what the person is saying.

2. Encourage - people will remember when you took the time out of your busy, hectic day to show interest when one is having a difficult time just by smiling at them and giving an uplifting work.

3. Congratulate - not just the person who did a great job or came up with a wonderful idea, but let the entire room of people and organization know the accomplishments done by a specific person.

4. Be Helpful - willingly offer some advice or even spend some time assisting in a specific endeavor, especially if they have assisted you in the past by shopping mutual respect and gratitude.

5. Say Thank You - letting them know their actions and accomplishments are truly appreciated and also the individual is appreciated by thanking them in front of others. If you want your relationships and organizations to succeed, remember to show mutual respect and genuine gratitude.

Syd Gibson

Business & Professional Women of Englewood and Venice
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