Positive thoughts are simply not enough. There needs to be positive feelings and actions in your environment to associate with people who have the same attitude. Read books and engage in conversations that inspire you to maintain the habit of positivity in all areas of your life. Post notes and quotations around you to encourage this attitude and maintain accountability.

In order to continue on the path of a positive attitude, begin with the habit so small that it is impossible to say no. For example, we all know that flossing teeth daily is highly recommended by dentists, but may seem too time consuming and overwhelming. Therefore, begin this daily habit of flossing just one tooth which seems so small and attainable. Doing the habit is much more important than how much you do.

Make a note of one positive thought each day. It was found in a study that people who consecutively made notes of at least one positive experience daily for three months had fewer illnesses and an overall better mood level. To share with another person or write down at least three things of which you are grateful every day, will improve your positivity.

Starting small also works for meditating just two minutes daily which is easy to do and helpful in developing a strong habit. The habit of meditation has been known to be beneficial for the body and mind. It decreases illness and improves mindfulness and feelings of purpose in life after establishing this habit for three months. After establishing meditation as a habit each day for only two minutes, the time can be increased that gives the most benefit personally for a happy, healthy and fulfilling experience.

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