Finding meaning to your life will aide in turning those messes into messages in which to not just live day to day, but provide a purpose. Using what you have learned in many cases the hard way shows you how to be of service to others. It creates a burning desire and also steers you in the right path to avoid areas not pertaining to your main purpose and meaning in life.

Committing to bettering yourself and realizing you are not perfect. Having an attitude of openness to see, learn and experience new ways to become a better servant. Having compassion toward others in building positive and supportive relationships in building toward the goal of purpose and meaningful life.

Investing time and energy to affect change because change will bring a better future. Knowing that knowledge is power and to spread information and not keep great ideas a secret. Not being afraid to share great ideas to make an even greater place in which to live.

Uplifting others on your way to obtaining your purpose and meaning in life. It does wonders to have positive attitudes toward others, helping them along life's way and not being negative and critical which only creates animosity and may cause your goal to become totally unattainable.

Being graceful, compassionate and caring while you are on your quest to making a difference in following your meaning of life and purpose all while making a better world in which to live.

Syd Gibson

Business & Professional Women of Englewood and Venice
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