chris davisAt their monthly dinner meeting on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, the Business Women of Englewood and Venice (BPWEV) unanimously voted to dedicate their scholarship fund to the memory of Christine Davis. The Adult Learner Scholarships will henceforth be known as the “Christine Davis Memorial Scholarships”. This will honor Christine, who passed away in August 2017, and will make sure that BPWEV will always remember this amazing lady. She was a BPW member for over 50 years, first in New York State and later in Florida. Her endless energies to promote BPW was astounding. She served in every office the organization had to offer, short of State and National President. She served on many committees and especially enjoyed being chair of the scholarship committee till ill health required her to resign from too many obligations. Her beautiful smile, her eagerness to be always willing to help and her efficient handling of any task she elected to do or help with, will not be forgotten by the BPWEV members, but will be missed. The “Christine Davis Memorial Scholarships” will preserve the love and devotion she championed to achieve equity for all women through advocacy, education and information.

bpwev scholars 2017
l to r: Judy Braham - president, Nathalie Barr, Karin Drury - Scholarship Chair, Elizabeth Wright, Frances McHale, Carol Kouba - Scholarship Committee

The Business and Professional Women of Englewood and Venice (BPWEV) awarded 3 Adult Learner Scholarships in the amount of $1,000.00 each to 3 very deserving women at their monthly dinner meeting in Venice on 6/20/2017. The winners are: Nathalie Barr - finishing her BSN degree at SCF Bradenton, Frances McHale - studying to be an RN at SCF - Venice, Elizabeth Wright - finishing her pre-med requirements at SCF - Venice. This is the second time that Ms. Wright received the scholarship. All 3 women juggle raising children on their own, working full or part-time and are maintaining excellent GPA scores! Congratulations, well done.

Information for the 2018 Adult Learner Scholarships will be available on this website after Jan. 15, 2018.

BPWEV’s Mission is “To achieve Equity for all women through Advocacy, Education and Information.

The Scholarship Committee, Carol Kouba, Ann Wacholder and Karin Drury, met on May 22, 2017. BPWEV received 17 scholarship applications, definitely an increase in applicants compared to the last few years.

The lucky recipients this year are: Elizabeth Capell Wright (2nd time), Nathalie A. Barr and Frances E. McHale. You will meet them at the June 20 or July 18 dinner meeting. Please join the Scholarship Committee in helping to welcome them.

All of the BPWEV members, but especially the Wine Tasting Committee, worked hard to procure the funds that allow us to pay for three $1,000.00 scholarships each year. As demonstrated this year by the amount of applications received, the need for Adult Learner Scholarships is great. It would be wonderful, if in the future, BPWEV could award more scholarships. Reading their essays, as well as the letters of recommendation, sending Letters of regret to the majority of the applicants, is always sad.

Who will join me this year in paying for the dinners of the awardees? In the past many generous BPWEV members have volunteered to pay for the dinners, so that the BPWEV  budget is not stretched too far.

Thank you all for making this important project of BPWEV possible! Mark your calendars for October 13, 2017, for the next Wine Tasting at the Venice Art Center.

Karin M. Drury
Scholarship Chair

caring hair foundation
l to r: Joyce Ward, Tammy Beaver - House Manager of Left Coast Seafood Restaurant in Venice

Joyce Ward, representing the Caring Hair Foundation, Inc. was the speaker at the recent Business and Professional Women of Englewood and Venice (BPWEV) dinner meeting. Ms. Ward said The Caring Hair Foundation's vision is clear: "Helping our community matters". By partnering with other individuals and organizations, the Foundation will be able to further its mission of helping adults and children, and thus, continuing to give back to our community.

It was at this meeting that she was made aware of the special fund raising effort put on by the Left Coast Seafood Restaurant on May 19, 2017. The restaurant will donate 50% of the gross sales to help their employee, Cassidy, who was recently diagnosed with acute B lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at the age of 19. She immediately began treatment at Moffit Cancer Center and is currently receiving chemotherapy.

After her presentation to the BPWEV members, Ms. Ward listened to the House Manager of the restaurant, Tammy Beaver, as she explained what the fund raiser for Cassidy is all about. Joyce donated the beautiful wig and stand to Cassidy. Many other BPWEV women attending the meeting also made donations to help Cassidy. May she fully recover from ALL!

A beautiful ceremony, conducted by Irene Slattery, installed the new Board of the Business and Professional Women of Englewood and Venice (BPWEV) at the April 18, 2017 dinner meeting.

Carol Kouba assisted as the new Board was presented to the membership and guests. Judy Braham will serve again as President, Joyce McCuffrey and Katie Malloy (not pictured) will continue as 1st Vice Presidents, Morina Chmielak is the new 2nd Vice President, Heather LaBeau (not pictured) will continue as Treasurer and Maryann Terry will serve as Secretary. The new Board is committed to promote the BPWEV Mission: To achieve equity for all women through Advocacy, Education and Information.

BPWEV meets every third Tuesday of each month at the Left Coast Seafood Restaurant in Venice.
Area women are invited to attend.

2017 board members
l to r: Carol Kouba, Maryann Terry, Morina Chmielak, Joyce McCuffrey, Judy Braham, Irene Slattery

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