By Esther Bird

Greeting to all my BPWEV Sisters. My hope is that each of you is enjoying good health and happiness. I wish to share some information that was in today’s news that I find shocking and I feel everyone should be aware.

On July 23, 2022 there was a gathering of approximately 5,000 young adults in Tampa Florida. The event was the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. One person who spoke made some very outrageous statements that I will share with you in this article. His statement indicated that the only women who are fighting for the right to have an abortion are so ugly they wouldn’t have to worry because no man would touch them. Another statement indicated that only the women who are 5’2” and 350 pounds care about this issue.

That’s a small sample of his comments. This man is Matt Gaetz, who serves in Congress and represents the District 1 in the state of Florida.

BPW is not a political organization; however, we believe in equal rights for women. How can women ever be seen as equal when people in power think and say things like this? That is a question I do not have an answer to. This man is misogynistic and represents you in Congress. He is currently running for reelection and expects to win.

It certainly is not my place to tell you how you should feel about this or what you should do, but I did want to make you aware. Equal rights are important, but have not been obtained. Will women ever reach the point of equality? I certainly hope so because we deserve it in every way.

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