By Esther Bird

I want to thank my BPWEV sisters for cooperating and making your dinner reservations prior to the deadline of 10 days prior to the meeting. That was appreciated very much.

Things are looking up for our local organization with new members joining and exciting things happening. Thanks to all who participated in our community outreach program for June. TWIG Cares founder Dianne Weed came to pick up the items we donated for the foster care children.

Congratulations to our first scholarship recipient Megan Caravan. At our July meeting, two additional recipients will be speaking to us about their dreams for a better life for their families.

Interesting Insites on Equality

Are women truly equal? Unfortunately, in spite of years of struggle and standing up for our rights, we are not yet treated equally.

Everywhere in the world women face social, cultural and economic barriers to equality. Some facts that show this to be true in the United States are:

  1. One in Three women have experienced physical or sexual assault;
  2. 70% of all people in poverty are women and girls;
  3. Only 20% of the world’s political leaders are women; and
  4. Women earn almost 20% less than men.

These statistics are beyond troubling. But what can be done about it? We, as women can represent the other females in society and speak the truth about the reality of inequity.

I encourage you, don’t be afraid to speak these truths and to orally defend our rights. Don’t be silent and let your rights be taken from you. Not just for today but for future generations of women who deserve equality.

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