By Esther Bird

I’m excited about our 4th Annual BFF Event which will be held on May 17 at Plantation Golf and Country Club. This is a very special event that allows us to focus on the wonderful women in our lives and honor them. I hope every member will be there and invited a special friend to join you. Everyone is welcome.

At the April meeting, we voted to return to Plantation for future meetings. This is based on the agreement with the country club and our membership relating to the contract that needs to be revised to accommodate our guidelines. I am currently in the process of conversing with our PGCC representative to finalize those details.

From May 19-22 I will be attending the annual state conference in Saddlebrook Resort. I look forward to a great conference with valuable educational workshops and socializing with BPW sisters that I’ve known for many years. After the conference, I will be reporting about the event to our members.

Your officers have been re-installed for another year. Every officer is excited and willing to serve in this way. I hope that other members step forward to serve after this year is over. I encourage all members to consider this and get involved and serve your local organization. When we have a strong executive committee, our organization will thrive and become even better.

As a final thought, no one has stepped forward to serve as our secretary. If you are willing and able to provide this service or want to learn more about what is expected of the secretary, call me at 315-440-6814. If no one agrees to serve in this position, I will be required to solicit a volunteer at each meeting.

May every member enjoy good health and happiness. See you on May 17.

Business & Professional Women of Englewood and Venice
P.O. Box 611, Englewood, FL 34295
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