By Esther Bird

The feminist movement has made huge strides over the years. Still, more than a century since women were given the right to vote, the sad fact of the matter is: We've still got a lot of work to do. Somehow, "feminism" remains a controversial word, even though the definition of feminism is impossible to argue with - an effort to make sure every woman and every individual has rights equal to that of a white man, no matter their race, religion, gender identification, sexual preference, or anything else.

Sounds like a common-sense cause, right? Well, in spite of a plethora of data proving that women are not equal to men in America, many people disagree with the premise of feminism, arguing that women already are equal to men, or that their gains haven't matched men's because they haven't worked hard enough, or that women and men are inherently and biologically different and cannot be compared.

I recently read an article that stated that there are 23 Ways Women Still Aren't Equal to Men. To read this article, visit this website

We are a group of strong, intelligent women who believe in equal pay, equal rights and equal opportunity. The fact that women still only earn $.73 for each $1 that a man earns is shameful. But I dare say, even after all the years of fighting for equality, if you ask a man, they will not agree. My experience has been that many men believe  that both men and women are treated the equally in every way.

Let’s keep in mind that the fight for equality is not over. We should not be afraid to speak the truth until everyone listens and decides that this is not acceptable any longer. If not for ourselves, then for the women of the future – our children and grandchildren.

April 2nd is equal pay day this year. On that day some of our members are meeting for a cocktail hour at Norma Jean’s Bar and Grill starting at 5 pm. All members were invited via an email sent in mid-February and I hope you attended to socialize with us and bring more attention to the issue of equal pay.

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