Kind Words can be short and easy to speak but their echos are truly endless is a quote from Mother Teresa, a woman who was the epitome of kindness.

Some helpful tips to remember when speaking to others is first of all to Think about what we are saying and asking yourself if what we are saying is True and is it Helpful.
Are we Inspiring others and are we being Kind? Is what is said really Necessary?


Don’t mix bad words with a bad attitude. We have all said words we regret. We can change out attitude but cannot take back things said in a moment when we were in a bad mood. We can always change out mood but we cannot take back words said that we may later regret.

Go out of our way to be kind and polite. Always be kind and polite to others because it makes us feel good and others feel good as well. We should focus on positive comments which are much more beneficial than criticism and only brings negativity to the situation. The glass is not half empty but half full of opportunities and hopeful situations.

Speak only words we would like to have engraved above the doorway to our future. The words we speak reflect who you’re really are. We are not only a reflection of our thoughts but also of our words and actions.

Syd Gibson

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