Keeping your cool, in Florida even this time of year in the Fall, can be difficult. Although I am referring to the mental ability of maintaining ones’s calmness in stressful situations, not physically. Throughout the day, in a working environment, at home caring for children or the elderly or in social situations, it can be a challenge to maintain one’s composure. At times, our outward appearance of calmness may totally hide our inner feelings of frustration. Our children sometimes have the ability to ascertain our true feelings as do our other family members and those close to us and may realize it is opportune to rethink the situation and determine the importance of continuing to stand up for their position or may begin to negotiate an agreeable compromise.

There are times when the conversation becomes volatile and the ability to keep your cool is totally out of control. It is at these times, when one must delve deep inside in order to control the situation and maintain an inner peace that may not be understood, but is absolutely necessary. It would be an undesirable situation to lose your cool mentally and physically as well as socially. Control of your inner feelings no matter the time of day nor the person or persons involved must be compromised for one to live a peaceful and also enjoyable life. That does not mean stress will be eliminated, but it must be under control. Keep your cool, even in hot and humid Southwest Florida!

Syd Gibson

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